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Character Artist
Bangalore, India

Sr. World Builder
Boston, United States

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Boston, United States

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Boston, United States

SEO Executive
Mumbai, India

Senior 3D Artist
LA, United States

Lead 3D Artist
LA, United States

2 D Production Coordinator
pune, India

3D Modeling and Texturin...
Ahmedabad, India

Layout TD
Vancouver, Canada
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Telling Stories & Engaging Audiences


Making of Fred the Mushroom

Telling Stories & Engaging AudiencesSIGGRAPH 2015, the annual interdisciplinary educational experience & conference on the latest computer graphics & interactive tech...   Making of Fred the MushroomThe main idea was to make a human-like creature with emphasize on anatomy, realism and characters expression.

Making of Lincoln


Fibermesh Hair for Rendering

Making of LincolnArtist wanted to paint a black and white image, so can put more concentration on details and didn\'t want to put himself in troubl...   Fibermesh Hair for RenderingIn this tutorial, we will create the Fibremesh hair for rendering in ZBrush. You will learn how to create a realistic hairs

Making of Promethus


Making of Just Another Ex IT Woman

Making of PromethusIn this tutorial, Sup Choi like to show you how he created Prometheus fan art. Hope you will enjoy reading this making off.   Making of Just Another Ex IT WomanArtist came up with the idea of drawing something provocative and funny at the same time, such as this elderly woman, who has appa...

Making of Uncle Scrooge


Making of The City Above the Sky

Making of Uncle ScroogeThe starting idea was to convert a 2D character into a 3D model, accurate but concrete and tangible at the same time. The characte...   Making of The City Above the SkyArtist wanted to make a scene where he had a just the peak of some skyscrapers standing out above the clouds along with some other...

How to make a Sci-Fi Environment


Fibermesh in ZBrush 4R6

How to make a Sci-Fi EnvironmentArtist will show you every step from the modeling to the post-process, in order to demonstrate the complete workflow for the creat...   Fibermesh in ZBrush 4R6This quick tutorial is a run through of Fibermesh in ZBrush 4R6. Fibermesh is probably one of my weakest areas so don't expect too...

Hard Surface Modeling in ZBrush 4R6


Making of Johnny Deep

Hard Surface Modeling in ZBrush 4R6This is a full workshop, recorded in realtime, with no edits (besides clean up for interruptions and breaks). Be warned, it is a L...   Making of Johnny DeepIt is important to bear in mind that a digital painting follows the same principles of conventional painting, on canvas or paper.

Making of Forgotten Forest


Sketch Shading in ZBrush

Making of Forgotten ForestIn this tutorial artist will discuss how he created these leaves and what things need to think or remember when creating a forest ...   Sketch Shading in ZBrushIn this 30min video Christophe will explain how he achieve the sketch shading in ZBrush. Hope you will enjoy this informative vide...

Hopper the Kangaroo - Dish Mascot


60+ Ancient Buildings for Reference

Hopper the Kangaroo - Dish MascotMPC NY and Havas partner to reinvent Hopper the Kangaroo as a fully animated talking mascot for the all-new campaign for DISH   60+ Ancient Buildings for Reference60+ Ancient indian building high-resolution free references added in the database which also includes the Taj Mahal
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